Swim Oil Paintings at Gammage Auditorium

Monday was very exciting because Amelia, Prashant and I hung 10 portait paintings at ASU's Gammage Auditorium. It only took about 3 hours. The installation went very smoothly because most of my paintings, all but one, are 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide.

This painting on the left, is entitled "Sunniness." It's portrait of my daughter, Jasper, in her green Lakes Snakes swim cap. It was inspired by the beautiful mornings at the Lakes Snakes swim practice, and catching Jasper in a changeable stance, bathed in sunlight. I cannot be 100% sure if she will be signing up for swimming this summer, but I sure hope that the circumstances are right, and that she can register, as the Lakes Snakes is an amazing swim team.