Tatanka: Spirit and Sacrifice exhibit at ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability in Tempe coming down soon.

The current exhibition, "Tatanka, Spirit and Sacrifice," curated by Sydney Lines, is going to come down from the 4th floor of ASU's Wrigley Hall, soon. If you want to see it, make sure to go within the next few weeks.

This past year has been full of highs and lows for me, yet one thing that remained constant was that my art found a great exhibition space among ASU's faculty, staff and visitors, at the Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU. These are people who are interested in humanity's connection to the environment and connection to nature.

This particular exhibit has been on display since July 2017 and I am honored to have shown this series of buffalo paintings at this venue, and to have worked with Ms. Lines, now a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia.

Mona Bison