The White Buffalo & Collective Consciousness

Today more than ever, society is both confused and searching, or should I say scrambling, to make sense of where we find ourselves. One powerful symbol of spiritual power is the White Buffalo Woman. She is the personification of abundance, manifestation and prophecy. Originally, I wanted to write that she is a symbol of peace, but our times are so turbulent that I dare not say that specifically and all of the myths I have read do not say "peace." It is more accurate to say the White Buffalo offers us a way to reach peace, rather than peace itself.   This idea of the sacred white buffalo has become an increasingly popular subject to paint by Phoenix artists.  Here are some instances of the growing popularity, by artists Amanda Adkins and Eric Cox:

This creeping in of sacred images, especially the white buffalo displays that the collective consciousness has a message for us.  The message, especially that of the White Buffalo, is that we are all connected:


"[The Great Spirit] smiles upon us, because now we are as one: earth, sky, all living things, the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged ones, the trees, the grasses.

Together with the people, they are all related, one family. The pipe holds them all together. "

This is a beautiful thing indeed. When an important message comes to people, it comes to more than one person; it is a message for the masses, not the individual.

Another important idea of the emergence of the buffalo is the fact that American society was hell bent on destroying buffalo herds during the 1800's. This was done to take Indian land, and now as a society we have named the bison the "national mammal."

Our national identity with the buffalo is marred in hatred for Native Americans, while mixed with admiration for the wild beast at the same time. It's confused, basically. But if people realize we are really connected and there is nothing dividing us except our own flawed ideas, we can set aside differences, accept the past for what it was and move toward a better future, and these questions can be answered.