Rachel (Goede) Srinivasan


Rachel Srinivasan - Tempe Artist

Hello world, my name is Rachel Srinivasan, but you might know me by my maiden name, Goede. I love painting. I am originally from Nebraska, and live and work in Tempe, Arizona. My favorite things to paint are portraits, bison, still lifes, and anything that inspires me. I predominately work in oil paints. However, I do use a gold acrylic paint at times. 

 Here is more about me:

  • I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska
  • I have to paint, its a compulsion.
  • I have been selling my paintings since 2007
  • Most of my artwork is on ugallery.com
  • My art is currently on display at ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability at the Tempe campus. However, exhibition will end during the summer of 2018.
  • my blog is rachelsrinivasan.com/blogs/news
  • I'm on Ugallery, facebook, instagram, Periscope and on Twitter.

Feel free to contact me through this site or contact me on Facebook. I take commissions as well. 

Here is the bio I always use in my exhibitions:

"Rachel Srinivasan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began drawing by incessantly scribbling on paper as a one year old. She continued to scribble until she could color between the lines and grew callouses on her fingers. Most of her formative years were spent in Omaha, Nebraska. She discovered her love of figurative art before high school and studied at the Bemis Fine Art Center. While in high school she attended the Marie Walsh Sharpe camp, a very prestigious summer art program created by the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At this time she was painting mostly in acrylics. As a teenager Rachel traveled abroad for a high school AFS program in Rome and was immersed in Italian art and language. She was also introduced to oil paint by her Italian host mother. Upon returning to the US, she attended ASU and earned a Bachelors of Art in Painting and a Bachelors of Language Arts in Italian. While attending ASU, Rachel was awarded the Scult Scholarship from the Scult family and the Phoenix Art Museum. She lives in Tempe with her family, and travels to India to visit her in-laws.  She sells her paintings to collectors around the world and shows her work across the US."