Bilateral Development 36" x 36"

Rachel Srinivasan's Art

$ 1,175.00

This self portrait is about my personal spiritual development that took place in 2016. There are many different aspects of my personality that are divided. This is symbolized in the two hearts on either side of my portrait in this painting. The maroon and gold colors in this painting is very symbolic as well. I graduated from ASU in 2008. I currently work at ASU and have embraced by connection to my alma mater. The maroon and gold are the same celebrated colors of ASU, as well as lower chakra colors representing protection, boundaries, wealth, belonging and aspects similar to that.


This self portrait was painted from life. I sat in my studio and painted my likeness in the mirror for about a month. The curtains behind me are in fact maroon and there is a white window pane behind me as well. My shirt was a gold Sun Devils shirt that I had bought at the time. The hearts were added in mid painting. This painting is oil on canvas and measures 36" x 36". The stretcher bars are about 1.5" deep.

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