Sedna 48" x 36"

Rachel Srinivasan's Art

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This painting, although it is my last in the last in the "Power Bison," series is of Sedna. It is oil on canvas and measures 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide, and 1. inches deep.

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess who created the whales and dolphins and most of the sea creatures of the Northern seas. She transformed her pain into creativity, rebirth, and protection.  There are many different legends about what happened to Sedna as a girl that lead to her transformation into a powerful goddess. One of her main stories is that when she and her father were caught in a frightening storm she was struggling in the water. Sedna grasped desperately onto the side of her father's kayak. Her father was afraid that she would tip his kayak over so he cut her fingers off, one at a time. Out of her bleeding knuckles sprang dolphins, narwhals, seals, killer whales, walruses, and all of the beautiful sea creatures present today. Sedna's spirit and body sank to the bottom of ocean, transforming into a powerful sea spirit. She lives at the bottom of the ocean. She has the torso of a human and the tail of an ocean creature.
Sedna controls the animals of the sea and also controls their availability to hunters above. The Inuit people must maintain a reasonable relationship with Sedna in order to have access to her animals. They must appease Sedna through the use of Shamanic practices, cultural taboos, and rituals.

Sedna is generally seen as a giant, vengeful deity who must be placated in order for her to release her animals to humans.  She has recently re-entered our consciousness as the 10th planet-like celestial body, also called a dwarf planet, discovered March 14, 2004. Sedna is smaller than Pluto and I have added a diagram of her size in comparison to Pluto and the Earth.

Sedna Inuit Ocean Goddess and 10th Planetary Body

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