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Swim Series

The Swim Series is about the rich connections people form with water through the act of swimming. Water is an element that facilitates a healthy relationship between people and their bodies, and the natural environment. This relationship is the subject of my Swim Series, which is composed of self-portraits and of significant individuals in my life, such as my daughter, my brother, and my friend Marina. Each person depicted in the oil portraits has their own unique experience with how swimming shapes their physical endurance and psychological well-being.
The self-portraits of my smiling face represent the happiness and equanimity that I feel after spending time in the water. Meanwhile, my daughter’s swimming develops her immunity, strength, and will power. In the case of my friend Marina, who survived breast cancer, being active helps her keep her mind off of her illness and builds her persistence to overcome obstacles. Lastly, my brother has cultivated a long journey with water, through his years of collegiate swimming and his career in marine biology. Each 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide portrait focuses on the subject’s face, whose joyful expression, along with the whimsical background, convey the subject’s sense of humor and joy achieved through the contact with water.

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